The Certification Commission Announces a New Brand

The Certification Commission has announced a re-branding and renaming of the company to CertiTrek Group. CertiTrek raises the bar and sets a new standard for a certification company. From healthcare and legal practice to IT and financial services, the certification companies we represent and the designation they offer are widely accepted by employers in the industries they serve. They are often the path and entryway to a new career, the means to a salary increase and above all, an accurate measure of a candidate's knowledge and skillset.

The Certification Commission was originally formed in 2007. CertiTrek Group focuses on acquiring, incubating and ultimately transforming established certification companies across an array of industry sectors. With a passion for seeing things through, CertiTrek has developed a unique 4-stage internal process for bringing a certification up to par and putting it on track to become a legitimate and widely accepted industry standard.

Our headquarters are in Durham, NC, just a few miles from North Carolina's Research Triangle Park. We are staffed by an experienced team of marketing experts as well as business strategy professionals with dedicated and proven experience in operating certification companies.

We take a customer-centric approach, keeping our focus on the individuals who take our certification exams and the companies committed to employing or advancing those individuals.

Furthermore, CertiTrek collaborates with 3rd party industry experts including high-stakes testing providers, top-tier beta test preparatory companies and qualified industry consultants that we engage to develop or update our tests.