If you want to “Make Your Mark on Procurement History,” time is running out!

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The deadline to register for the 2016 NLPA Conference is October 10 at Noon Eastern US time.

If you haven’t already researched the NLPA Conference, this year’s event is packed with value for procurement professionals who want to innovate!  It is being held on October 24-25, 2016 at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Some of the awesome educational sessions include:

  • War & Peace:  Effective Negotiations Must Consider Both
  • Make Procurement Great Again:  How To Win The Campaign For C-Level Support
  • One Giant Leap For Procurement-Kind:  Future Breakthroughs in Procurement Technology

And many, many more!

Please understand one thing:  there are no walk-in or last minute registrations to NLPA events.  Unlike other procurement conferences at old-school, sterile, boring venues, we hold our conferences at unique facilities that fit with our trademark themes.  So, space is limited.  We don’t squeeze attendees in like sardines in a can.  We create an environment that is enjoyable, comfortable, personal, and ripe for truly meaningful networking.  In order to support this fresh and exciting style, we limit the number of attendees and cut off registration in advance of the event.

So, be decisive and join us at the 2016 NLPA Conference!

But do so quickly – the October 10 deadline is right around the corner!


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