I hope that you have enjoyed the article, “2 Procurement Uses of Net Promoter Score.”

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In the first use, I recommend creating your organization’s own customized Net Promoter Score for each major supplier.  What I think would be interesting is if you asked each of those suppliers if they currently measure their Net Promoter Scores and, if they do, to share them with you.  You can then compare how your organization feels about your suppliers against how the marketplace feels about your suppliers.

Do you think that your organization would be more pleased with a supplier than the average of all of its customers?

Do you think that the amount of money you spend with a supplier influences whether or not your organization gets better service from that supplier?

On the flip side of that coin, do you think your organization gets worse-than-other-customers service from a supplier for any particular reason?

Are you beginning to see how gathering Net Promoter Score data can alert you to some opportunities for improving supplier performance?

I hope so.  And perhaps the best part of it all is that Net Promoter Score is one of the easiest and most universal metrics to gather and compare.