Establishing a Procurement Dashboard is an excellent tool for reporting procurement performance. A Purchasing Dashboard is a single-page document that contains four charts that illustrate the performance of a procurement department. The Procurement Dashboard is designed to present procurement performance data to executive management “at a glance.” NLPA has designed the following Procurement Function Dashboard to assist practitioners in designing a relevant dashboard for their procurement operations.

Table 1, Procurement Department Dashboard
Source: Next Level Purchasing Association, 2019

About Table 1

The NLPA Procurement Executive Dashboard enables Senior Procurement Leaders to view the Procurement Function from a Balanced Score Card, Operational perspective. This type of dashboard makes it possible to determine cause and effect relationships and diagnose issues in the Procurement Function. After which the deployment of operational improvement projects can be deployed.

Benefits of Procurement Function Dashboarding:

Organizations can realize the following benefits from NLPA’s Procurement Function Dashboard:

  1. It facilitates agile responses to operational issues
  2. It provides an integrated view of operational processes
  3. It is a diagnostic tool and can be leveraged for cause and effects analysis
  4. It facilitates early warning about non-conformance of critical metrics
  5. It provides critical information on departmental health
  6. It provides data points for effective decision making
  7. It provides a holistic and balanced view of operational performance

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