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Representing high quality and industry-recognized certification companies, worldwide

CertiTrek raises the bar and sets a new standard for a certification company. From healthcare and legal practice to IT and financial services, the certification companies we represent and the designation they offer are widely accepted by employers in the industries they serve. They are often the path and entryway to a new career, the means to a salary increase and above all, an accurate measure of a candidate’s knowledge and skillset.

In many cases, a candidate who acquires an accredited or widely accepted certification can avoid the costly expense of a college degree.

Put simply, we attest that any person who holds one of our designations possesses the skills and knowledge needed to perform a particular job or task. That same person also meets an accepted benchmark of knowledge as established by their industry.

A certification from one of CertiTrek’s companies can help you get started on a career today and avoid the high cost of a college education. Or if you are already employed in one of the industries we certify, you may be able to advance your career and earn more by obtaining one of our certifications.

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