We take a customer-centric approach, keeping our focus on the individuals who take our certification exams and the companies committed to employing or advancing those individuals. We are staffed by an experienced team of marketing experts as well as business strategy professionals with dedicated and proven experience in operating certification companies.

The role of CertiTrek is to ensure that each one of our member certification companies meets and adheres to the following standards:

  • Offer challenging, high-stakes tests in approved testing centers (This may include online proctored scenarios)
  • Have updated exams that are rigorous, challenging and appropriate to their respective industries today
  • Offer exams that have been beta tested and continuously updated to ensurerelevancy
  • Test appropriate skills as identified by employers via a thorough job analysis conducted by CertiTrek
  • Provide access to study guides and other test-preparatory materials
  • Have a clearly established set of Continuing Education requirements that enable people to maintain their designations

Furthermore, CertiTrek collaborates with 3rd party industry experts including high-stakes testing providers, top-tier beta test preparatory companies and qualified industry consultants that we engage to develop or update our tests.