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Representing high quality and industry-recognized certification companies, worldwide

Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, CertiTrek (formerly The Certification Commission) was formed in 2007 with a focus on acquiring, nurturing and ultimately transforming established certification companies across an array of industry sectors.

CertiTrek raises the bar and sets a new standard for a certification company. From healthcare and insurance to IT and financial services, the certification companies we represent and the designation they offer are widely accepted by employers in the industries they serve. They are often the path and entryway to a new career, the means to a salary increase and above all, an accurate measure of a candidate’s knowledge and skillset.

Meet the CertiTrek Team

Who Is CertiTrek?

Our Company Mission
To be recognized as a global organization that represents the world’s top industry-recognized certification companies, today and tomorrow.
Our Company Vision
To offer the most respected, comprehensive, relevant and widely accepted certifications in established and emerging industries.
  • Brad Crump
    Portfolio Manager

  • Vandana Nanda
    President of SCMA

  • Carol Lee Roberts
    President of IDFA

  • David Schmidt
    President of CLTC

  • Vivek Shally
    President of NLP

  • Sean Stallings
    President of CWNP & ASHIM