Certitrek Unveils CLTC Master Class Accelerator Program

Published On: December 1st, 2023

Certitrek Group and CLTC® (Certification for Long-Term Care) are proud to introduce Accelerator, an innovative training program designed to equip CLTC Master Class graduates with hands-on skills that facilitate the integration of their classroom training into their day-to-day sales activity.

The CLTC Accelerator Program serves as an invaluable bridge, empowering advisors to better incorporate the Master Class teachings into their practice and sustain that activity over time.

Accelerator is built around five key action steps and is supported by a seasoned CLTC instructor in five 90-minute coaching sessions. These sessions serve as a springboard for advisors, enabling them to seamlessly weave extended care planning into their day-to-day business..

Participants will harness the power of three crucial tools within the Accelerator program:

  1. The Accelerator Workbook: A comprehensive guide that serves as a roadmap for advisors, providing step-by-step instructions and exercises to master the integration of extended care planning into their client conversations.
  2. Collaboration with an Accelerator Buddy: A dynamic aspect of the program that fosters peer-to-peer learning and support, creating a nurturing environment for growth and development.
  3. CLTC Instructor Coaching Sessions: Five opportunities for Accelerator students to test their strategies and tactics with a seasoned LTCi professional. Each coaching session will delve into one of the five Key Action Steps and provide personalized guidance and insights.

Certitrek and CLTC are excited to launch this new program, demonstrating our continued commitment to empowering planning professionals by giving them the tools and resources they need to have effective and successful extended care planning discussions with their clients.

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CLTC Accelerator ProgramAbout CLTC:

Certification for Long-Term Care CLTC® educates professionals in the fields of insurance, financial services, law, and accounting about the severe consequences a need for care over an extended period of years would have, not only on their client but on the emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing of the client’s loved ones. Through this education, professionals gain the CLTC Designation, boosting credentials and connecting them with their clients.

CLTC also goes beyond offering the renowned CLTC® designation by providing a comprehensive suite of educational resources to empower advisors throughout their long-term care planning journey. Master the complexities of LTC with our immersive 16-hour Master Class or gain foundational knowledge through our accessible 4-hour virtual Foundations training. Looking for specific product insights? Our one-day Product Insider session equips you with detailed product comparisons and sales strategies. Can’t commit to a live session? eCLTC offers 24 on-demand modules for flexible, self-paced learning. Whether you’re new to LTC or seeking advanced expertise, CLTC provides the tools you need to thrive in this critical field.

About Certitrek:

Certitrek Group is a workforce training organization on a mission to promote educational equality and facilitate professional development opportunities for companies and individuals ready to expand their skill set, improve their systems, and build a brighter future through knowledge.