Claritum is a spend management system for complex categories targeting the Marketing Procurement sector.   They offer sourcing, procurement and invoicing of specification-based products and services. Specifically with print, point-of-sale (POS), stationery, packaging and related services. Since 2002, the British-American company has grown its customer base to 150,000 users in 35 countries around the world with a supplier base of over  3,000 suppliers across the globe in the Claritum Supplier Network.

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claritumClaritum is a cloud-based, enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform technology, with no in-house software deployed options available. Customers and partners of Claritum include organizations such as Eli Lilly, Disney, United Technologies and Pfizer.

The Service Provider Platform within Claritum allows for multilingual, multi-timezone and multi-currency orders and transactions.  Here, decision-makers are able to review purchases and incorporate strategies by:

  • Talking a single view of every transaction for every client
  • Filtering or searching by client, supplier, job status or user role
  • Managing customers, suppliers, users, reporting

In the Service Provider Platform, procurement personnel can align specific supplier capabilities with business requirements making it easier to choose the correct supplier for the correct task.  Here, the user can also set specific rules to optimize the utilization of production equipment.  This in turn allows users to easily:

  • Manage service levels and response time KPIs
  • Track every action for reporting and audit

Claritum has very attractive, easy to design and deploy custom catalogs with secured access options.  The customer is able to manage multiple branded catalogs and personalize the content and products specifically for each user.  The buyer is able to quite easily purchase products and services that are pre-approved and pre-populated within their custom catalog. There are single catalogs available for stocked items as well as custom requirements. Fields are personalized and pre-filled and orders are easily routed (once approval has been received) for digital production.

Claritum offers centrally managed rules for purchasing approvals including spend limits, budget approvals, etc. The system contains the ability to track the status of an order and to reorder items with ease.

On average, according to Claritum, customers see a 20% to 30% return-on-investment (ROI) within 6 to 9 months of first utilization of the Claritum spend management system.  The Claritum spend management system helps customers achieve these types of numbers through improved order accuracy, eliminating maverick spending, collaboration with suppliers, increased competition and reduced cycle times.

Claritum offers training in-person, remotely or online.  They recommend the “train the trainer(s)” model allows a business to choose subject matter experts who then can relay their training back to front line buyers based on the type of work they would perform with the spend management system.

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