As the SPSM® Certification approaches its five-year anniversary, the SPSM® Certification & Enhanced Results Program approaches its 18-month anniversary. The SPSM® Certification & Enhanced Results Program includes three additional study components that the Senior Professional in Supply Management® Program does not: the eBook “Supply Management in the Real World,” an implementation consultation, and the SPSM® Multimedia Study & Implementation Guide.

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The SPSM® Multimedia Study & Implementation Guide is a collection of audio and video clips loaded onto an iPod Touch. During the time that we’ve been offering this Guide, we have been measuring the differences it makes.

One of the things we’ve measured is time-to-certification, that is, the amount of time between the date of enrollment and the date that the SPSM® Certification is awarded. And here are some interesting statistics…

Average time-to-certification without study guide: 214 days

Average time-to-certification with study guide: 94 days

That means that the study guide cuts time-to-certification by 56%. So if you want to get your procurement certification plans on the fast track, it may be worth it to invest the extra money in the SPSM® Certification & Enhanced Results Program.

If you need more information on the SPSM® Certification and which option may be right for you, please feel free to contact us.