Are you setting yourself up for future procurement career success or are you already on a path of self-sabotage?  If you’re not taking the necessary steps to attain the procurement positions you desire and the salary you deserve, then you’re most likely the latter.

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Having a successful procurement career where you achieve higher-level positions and earn your maximum salary won’t happen automatically or even by accident.  The good news is that there are defined steps you can take to help set yourself up for career success, both now and in the future.
Whether you’re actively seeking a job and need to develop a winning resume, determine salary expectations, and interview effectively, or you have a job and need to prepare for your future next steps, you absolutely must prepare yourself. So, how can you ensure that you are well-prepared to achieve your procurement career potential?
By taking the Express Course How To Take Charge Of Your Procurement Career.
You will learn:
  * How to properly structure your procurement resume
  * How to determine a fair salary for a procurement job
  * How to interview in a way that boosts your credibility
  * 6 ways to get respect in an organization
  * How to prepare yourself for higher-level procurement
  * And much more
Your career success depends on the actions you take both today and in the future; if you’re serious about your procurement career than this Express Course is a must.
How can you gain access to “How To Take Charge Of Your Procurement Career?”
Two ways:
  1. Enroll in just this Express Course, or
  2. Sign up for a Premium Membership in the NLPA and get access to this new Express Course PLUS 15 additional Express Courses and so much more!
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Thank you for your interest in letting Next Level Purchasing help you have a rewarding career.