In this world, there are two types of people:  true achievers and everyone else.

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The problem is that a lot of the people in the “everyone else” category mistake themselves for true achievers.  When you think you are great and you’re not, that misconception is actually a barrier to greatness.  You don’t seek new challenges.  You just go on doing what you are doing.  And, as such, you can never reach your potential.

On the other hand, true achievers have a certain fire in their bellies to always want to do better.  For example, maybe they really are great procurement negotiators.  But they don’t want to stop improving their procurement negotiation skills.

This fire that true achievers have translates to other parts of their lives as well.  They don’t just come home from doing a great job at work and relax on evenings and weekends.  They see setting goals and overcoming challenges as a part of their hobbies as well as their jobs.

If this applies to you, congratulations!  If it doesn’t but you want to be a true achiever, allow me to challenge you.

The Summer is often a more chilled out time of year.  Use it to test how much of an achiever you are by becoming good at something you aren’t right now, not just your job.

For example, challenge yourself to:

  • Take lessons on a musical instrument and learn how to play a couple of songs by the end of Summer;
  • Start running a little bit at a time and work yourself up to running a 5k race by the end of Summer;
  • Identify the target weight you’d like to be in three months and work a plan to get to that weight by the end of Summer; or
  • Accomplish something that is meaningful to you by the end of Summer

If you’re great at your procurement work according to objective standards and you also can succeed with this type of challenge, you might just be a true achiever!

True achievers are people who aren’t just great at their jobs.  They are able to translate passion into achievement for multiple things in their lives.  And it all starts with realizing that, no matter how good you are at something, you can get better at anything you set your mind to.

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Published On: May 24th, 2017Comments Off on The True Achiever Challenge