Change is rapid in the purchasing and supply management field of today. Therefore, updating job descriptions regularly is a must. In fact, I can guarantee you that if you have not updated your organization’s job descriptions in the last five years, they are woefully outdated!

Why is it so bad to have outdated purchasing job descriptions?

There are two severe consequences of using outdated purchasing job descriptions.

  1. Outdated purchasing job descriptions can result in the recruiting of new team members who may possess the skills necessary for succeeding in purchasing in previous years, but not the skills necessary for success today.
  2. Outdated purchasing job descriptions can also set too low the standard skill levels to which a company’s existing purchasing professionals aspire.”

Many job descriptions now require or prefer candidates with a purchasing certification.

Here at NLPA, we train the procurement departments of the world’s largest companies as well as plenty of mid-sized and small companies, too. Having the large client base that we do – 1,000+ companies as customers – we see a lot of patterns between the companies that maximize their skill development efforts and those that leave room for improvement.

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Published On: September 3rd, 2008Comments Off on Are Your Purchasing Job Descriptions Outdated?