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Though not getting the mail-in rebate you earned for buying a computer, a piece of software, an appliance or whatever is a common consumer purchasing headache, it is not without its parallel in corporate procurement. Just like consumer rebate arrangements, when you have a corporate contract that involves rebates, you have to know what you have to do to earn the rebate, when you should expect it, and who to follow up with if you don’t get it on-time.

And then you actually have to remember that you should get it!

That headache-inducing process and the uncertainty of recovery is why I have always preferred to negotiate rebates into the price instead. But I think the article does go into one scenario where negotiating rebates makes sense.

How about you? What is your experience with rebates in corporate procurement contracts? Can you recommend any situations where rebates are a better alternative than negotiating a lower price?

If so, please use the comments link below to share your experience!

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