I hope that you have enjoyed the article Procurement Risk Analysis.

I wrote this article several months back and planned it for release on October 4. It turns out that the timing was both good and bad.

The article was written before Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita hit. So releasing it now is good because people are thinking about procurement risks and how to avoid or mitigate them. So hopefully the article will fill the need for the increase in procurement risk research that is being done right now.

The timing was bad in the sense that maybe some of the subscribers to PurchTips could have prevented some of the ill-effects on their business of the hurricanes if they had read the article and more thoroughly prepared.

Of course, like everyone else, I didn’t have a crystal ball that told me that two massive hurricanes would cause so much destruction this summer and fall.

Hurricane season will be on us again next year. So be sure to review Procurement Risk Analysis early next summer. While I hope next hurricane season is disaster-free, if disaster must happen, be sure to have a plan to deal with it.

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