Though it is 2006, some people still don’t feel comfortable with the concept of e-learning. Especially in the procurement & supply chain management fields where we have not been on the “cutting edge” as much as other fields like marketing and IT.

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So why should a procurement or supply chain management professional consider e-learning procurement courses over old-fashioned classroom training?

Simple. E-learning is more effective.

“C’mon, Charles! It’s not really more effective, is it?”

Uh, yes it is. I’ll give you a list of 10 reasons why. After reading them, it should be pretty darn clear that e-learning is definitely more effective. Especially for procurement and supply chain management professionals who are always called upon to put out the proverbial fires no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Ready? Here’s the list…

10. There are no travel expenses. With online supply chain management courses, you don’t have to incur expenses like airfare, hotel, ground transportation, food, etc. And we procurement and supply chain management professionals sure like to save money, don’t we?

9. You don’t have to wait for a start date. Our e-learning purchasing courses are offered on-demand. You don’t have to wait for a scheduled start date. You get an introductory email within 24 hours of our receipt of your registration and you can start immediately upon receiving that email. In procurement & supply chain management, problems need to be solved now. Money must be saved now. Improvements must be implemented now. Not after waiting 6 months for a purchasing seminar to start.

8. You don’t have to wait for a seminar in a convenient location. Not many places have purchasing seminars being held every month. In some areas of the world, seminars are rarely held while other areas never have a purchasing seminar come to town. That’s not a problem with a supply chain online class.

7. You learn at your own pace. Look, everyone learns at a different pace. Some people learn best at a fast pace while others benefit more from a deliberate pace. Traditional classroom training tries to force everyone to learn at the same pace which is usually the ideal pace for just a small percentage of the class. With e-learning, you get to learn at the pace that is most effective for you.

6. Interruptions don’t ruin the learning experience. Imagine being in a classroom and you get an urgent work-related call on your cell phone. You have to leave the class for 30 minutes to take the call. What happens to the material that was covered during your call? It is gone forever. You’ll never have the opportunity to learn what was covered. With our e-learning, if you get interrupted, you can pick up right where you left off.

5. You get support when you need it most. Sure, you have the opportunity to ask questions during a traditional training session. But what happens when you return to the real world and implement what you’ve learned? You usually are stranded on your own. With our e-learning approach, you can ask questions and get responses in less than 24 hours for the entire time you have access to the classes (at least 60 days for an individual purchasing class and two years for the SPSM Certification Program). This helps you translate learning into real-world results.

4. You have a permanent record of everything you learn. We often offer as a bonus printer-friendly versions of our class materials when you enroll by a certain point in time. This is like having notes of every single word that an instructor spoke in a traditional classroom. Imagine taking that many notes! And you can reference these notes throughout your purchasing career, making it more likely that you will retain and apply what you’ve learned.

3. E-Learning fits everyone’s schedule. Unlike traditional training where you have to leave the office for a day, or even several days, at a time, e-learning gives you the option to participate in class in small increments or all at once. We know what happens to procurement and supply management professionals when they leave the office for a day – they return to be bombarded with twice their already-heavy workload. That doesn’t happen with e-learning.

2. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you have a bad live training experience, you usually are out of your money. That isn’t the case with our e-learning approach. We offer a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with one of our purchasing classes or your procurement certification experience. Please see our policy for more details.

1. You can get the same high-quality training as the top companies. Even if a purchasing seminar does come to your town at a convenient time, it may not be the highest quality. With our e-learning approach, time and place are no longer a reason for you not to get the same highest quality purchasing training that others get.

You didn’t think of all of those advantages? That’s OK, it is hard to get into this mindset. But when you do consider all of these factors, it’s hard to argue that e-learning isn’t more effective for the procurement & supply chain management professional, isn’t it? (