Are you struggling to get your purchasing department to reach its potential?

The good news is that purchasing performance can improve without making disruptive organizational changes. Your purchasing team can implement best practices and save more money than ever. Your team can earn unprecedented credibility with internal customers, management, and suppliers. And your buyers can succeed independently, freeing you up to be a true leader. If that sounds ideal, then you’re in the right place!

The Next Level Purchasing Association has been helping purchasing leaders improve their teams’ results over the last 16 years. 

The NLPA’s purchasing training teaches purchasing professionals the most effective techniques and proven best practices. Because our purchasing training is 100% online, it allows each member of your team to learn at the best pace for them. And with step-by-step instructions, real-life examples, and hands-on exercises – not to mention educational games and appropriate humor – your team won’t just take the training you want them to, they’ll love it! And happy employees are productive employees!

Select from three common approaches that leaders choose for their team’s purchasing training:
Certification Plan

Because the SPSM Family of Certifications is designed to cover the most important topics in purchasing and has a prescribed order, many purchasing leaders find that getting each member of their teams certified provides the combined benefits of improving workplace performance, enhancing credibility, and giving employee morale a welcome shot in the arm!

ALL Access Certification Programs

If you are the type of leader who doesn’t want to impose limits on the purchasing training available to your team, the ALL Access Certification Programs was designed for you! Your team will have access to all of the NLPA’s online courses – over 150 hours of purchasing training – that they can take as they wish or at your direction! Your most ambitious team members can maximize their skills and be more capable of reaching their potential.

Custom Plan

Maybe you want each member of your team to receive very specific purchasing training. Or, due to a limited purchasing training budget or other factors, you are only interested in one course or a small number of courses. The NLPA’s wide portfolio of courses can enable you to choose exactly the training your purchasing department needs.

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