With the online purchasing courses that I teach for Next Level Purchasing, I teach the fundamentals that every purchaser should know as well as advanced, progressive things that I’ve uncovered in my experience. Sometimes, I get a rewarding feeling when I see others teach principles that are similar to the ones that I teach (as long as they didn’t rip me off!).

I got that feeling as I read the latest book I’ve added to my nightstand: “Outrageous Optimism: Wisdom for the Entrepreneurial Journey” by Jack Roseman and Steve Czetli.

You could say I’ve learned some negotiation techniques in my decade-plus of vendor negotiations. I teach many standard, as well as many of the less obvious, techniques in our online course about procurement negotiation.

Here’s an excerpt from Outrageous Optimism that really rings true to me with regard to negotiation advice…

“…In a negotiation, if the other person is sincere, you don’t get your best deal by beating down the value of what he or she is selling. Most owners are invested in some way in the property you are trying to lease or the service or product you want to buy…But even when it’s not so personal, you rarely do well in negotiations when you demean what the other person has to offer.”

I totally agree.

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