It’s everyone’s excuse for everything: “I don’t have time.”

And my lips are tempted to spit that excuse today as I will be out of the office next week and my to-do list is certainly longer than a to-do list that I can complete in one day. So, today, the emails I usually quickly peruse (e.g., press releases from vendors in the supply chain space, LinkedIn Group updates, etc.) are instead getting jettisoned to my Deleted folder in the blink of an eye…or faster.

However, when I came to the weekly email newsletter article from The American Entrepreneur, I stopped and started reading it. This newsletter has so much sage advice for the seasoned entrepreneur, I consider it a veritable sin to overlook it. Even on a busy day like today, somehow I “find the time” to read it when I can’t “find the time” to complete other things.

And that got me wondering…what career-oriented stuff do you always make time for, even during those times when you conveniently use the old “I don’t have time” excuse?

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