Those looking to improve their know-how on Spend Management are in for a treat. Jason Busch over at the Spend Matters blog has today announced the launch of Spend Matters Navigator – what appears to be an aggregation of purchasing and supply management Web content searchable in a single portal. I’ve played around with it a bit already and it is pretty cool!

There’s a lot to like about this new purchasing research tool. I particularly like how you can drill down by various criteria, such as by process, technology, etc.

Personally, I have one BIG hope for this tool. I hope that it makes it easier for purchasing professionals to distinguish the good purchasing advice from the bad – there’s a lot of both out there in cyberspace.

Spend Matters Navigator appears to enable you to search for topics among blogs and other resources and view these resources practically side-by-side. I believe that this will speed up purchasing professionals’ work in separating the authoritative literature from the “sounds good on paper (or pixels)” stuff that’s out there. You’ll find both the good and the bad and will be able to quickly find Spend Management resources and more content that will help you figure out which material is widely accepted and which is not.

I give my kudos to Jason and his team. And I encourage you to check Spend Matters Navigator out for yourself!

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