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The INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF BUSINESS APPRAISERS (ISBA) is dedicated to upholding and promoting “best practices” to educate, certify, service and support professionals in the BUSINESS VALUATION profession. Members who complete our comprehensive education courses, pass a written test, and successfully write a Demonstration Report for peer review will earn the coveted professional designation of Business Certified Appraiser (BCA).

ISBA and its BCA members are focused on providing business valuations to the roughly 30 million small businesses in the U.S., not to mention millions others worldwide. In the U.S. there are approximately 543,000 new businesses started each and every month! The demand for business valuations in the small business arena continues to grow.

Are you ready to get started on the path leading toward earning your BCA credential?

Welcome! If you would like to embark on a new career in business valuation, enhance your business valuation knowledge, or embark on advanced studies, you will find that BCA University Online is your solution.

In the comfort and privacy of your home or office, you can achieve your goals and learn at your own pace at an affordable price. You will be able to select our eight-week session that includes once a week live instruction, or a completely self paced version of our training.

We are dedicated to providing an excellent educational experience to our students. You made a wise choice investigating how ISBA is revolutionizing the way in which you can enhance your business valuation career with advanced courses or if you are embarking upon earning the designation of Business Certified Appraiser (BCA).

Your clients have questions, we can help you provide answers!

Our training program is completely online, even our live instruction sessions are held through Zoom. You can earn your own Business Certified Appraiser (BCA) designation by completing our training course, passing the exam, and the demonstration report submission for peer review. Click the button below to learn more about our training program.

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  • ISBA provides an exceptional educational program leading to a designation. ISBA is focused on Small business to Main Street business. The course instruction is in-depth. You can earn the BUSINESS CERTIFIED APPRAISER “BCA” credential only after demonstrating through education, testing and a reviewed report your level of expertise.
  • We are devoted to instructing on the “best practices” in business valuation. We follow the ethics and reporting under USPAP.
  • We strive to achieve that each BCA member receives hands-on service and support. This approach is unlike any other association. Each member has a face and a name, our members are not a number. This statement is not huff or puff … it is absolutely a proven answer.


  • Provide outstanding comprehensive business valuation course instruction to value a Small to Main Street business.
  • Administer testing, review, and credentialing of BUSINESS CERTIFIED APPRAISERS “BCA” who demonstrate the knowledge, ethics, and report writing of business valuation’s “best practices”.
  • Provide each BCA with unsurpassed service and support. No business valuation professional should ever be left behind when they need an answer or desire to brainstorm and consider approaches, methodologies, etc.
  • Educate on the tools and data that BCA‘s need when they have a valuation assignment. Data is substantiation and provides analysis each BCA requires leading to the ultimate answer… “What the business is worth”.


  • ISBA promotes Standards 9 and 10 of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice “USPAP”. Members of ISBA pledge to provide superior professional ethics. USPAP is a BCA’s guidebook of ethics and reporting. USPAP, promulgated by Congress, is the leading authority on ethical behavior, collection and reporting of data
  • In addition, ISBA‘s business valuation courses and instruction centers around the International Glossary of terms … the business valuation standard.